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Welcome to MORPHOTEC!

     Innovation through Simulation.


MORPHOTEC. Well established CAE-Serviceprovider. 28 years of experience in CAE-Services. Well-known customers from automotive, machinery construction, plastics and elastomer processing, medical engineering and consumer goods industry. Quick response to any RFQ. MORPHOTEC partners with MFRC(AFDEX) - Jobs CAE-Projectengineer

The company MORPHOTEC consists of a highly experienced and efficient engineering team, that provides state-of-the-art CAE-Services. With the use of MORPHOTEC’s CAE-Services, customers of MORPHOTEC have the ability to make feasibility studies, to optimise the design concept as well as being able to optimise the design of the developing product and to simulate the product processing.

Examples regarding solutions of CAE-Services are the determination of the optimal material distribution in the part’s design space using topology optimization, crash-simulations according to ECE-Specifications, the fluid flow around vehicles using computational fluid dynamics simulation (CFD-Simulation) and the prediction of eigenfrequencies of components.

Due to extensive verifying of CAE-Services results by using comparable test results and through the close collaboration with suitable institutes of the Technical University Aachen, the team of engineers at MORPHOTEC are highly qualified in the field of CAE-Services. This should be taken into your account of product development.

Our customers do experience a significant efficiency improvement in their product development process due to the use of our professional CAE-Simulationservices. CAE-Simulation is a powerful tool to significantly reduce cycles in state-of-the-art product development and as a result, companies can stay ahead in todays tough market environment.

In case you need further information and/or a proposal for one of our CAE-Servicesolutions, please feel free to contact us. We will respond to your request as soon as possible! A list of our references (partial extraction) can be examined here.


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